Mnet – BTS Attendance to I-LAND: Episode 8 “PART 2”

Posted 2020/08/20 17 0

The Bangtan Boys or BTS group will appear in episode seven of I-LAND which airs this week. This was confirmed again through the teaser video released by Mnet, as the television channel broadcasting I-LAND, on Tuesday (11/8).
In the 15-second video, the seven BTS members are in the I-LAND set. They were visibly amazed by the set itself measuring 106,750 square feet or about 9917.3 square meters.

“Now, let’s go to the unknown world?” said J-Hope.

The presence of BTS to I-LAND is one that fans, both ARMY and fans, are eagerly awaiting for the event. The plan to attend BTS to I-LAND was first revealed by Mnet on July 31.

I-LAND is a reality observation program that will create a new boy band. In the event which first airs on June 26, 2020, participants will compete with each other but also work together until the end.

This program is the result of the collaboration between the capabilities of one of the largest content companies in South Korea, CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment, which are home to BTS and TXT. Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si-hyuk is fully involved as the producer of this event.

Meanwhile, actor Namgoongmin acts as the host and narrator of I-LAND.

This event is divided into several parts. The first part is when 22 participants enter the I-LAND complex, compete and appear to get votes. The first half ended on 31 July 2020 and featured 12 people who will continue in the second half.

The second half will begin in the latest episode of I-LAND which will air on August 21 at 23.00.


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