4 Recommended Movies for 2020 You Must Watch

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For people who are lying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and confused about what to do, it’s best if you fill the frenzy by watching movies so you don’t get boring at home. This time I will share tips about the best films of 2020 that require you to watch, guaranteed you will not be bored.


1. The Last Day Of American Crime

Film adapted from the graphic novel by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini.
Tells about America when it is in chaos due to the many protests, crimes, and terrorism.
The attitude of the American government to respond to the chaos is to spread a signal that can make people act according to the rules, if there are people who do not comply with the rules automatically the signal will activate and have a painful effect on that person.
People who disagree, especially criminals, take various actions to thwart the plans of the American government
The film was directed by Olivier Megaton, and Karl Gajdusek and Rick Remender as scriptwriters.


2. 365 Days

Tells the story of the life of Massimo Torricellli, whose life changes due to the sudden death of his father who is killed by his business rival. After his father’s death Massimo Haraus succeeded his father to run his family’s mafia business.
Starting from the story of Laura Biel, a successful career woman, but has the bad luck of her love affair with her lover Martin
To improve their relationship, Laura invites Martin to go on vacation somewhere, but instead of getting better, Martin is getting away from Laura
In the midst of Laura’s turmoil, Massimo comes and kidnaps Laura to be brought to Massimo’s house. That’s where their relationship started, they have 365 days for Laura to fall in love with Massimo.


3. Fantasy Island

The film is adapted from the Horror series of the 70s. This film tells the calm story of a group of teenagers who take a vacation to a remote island managed by Roarke.
On this island they are offered vacation trips, where all the wishes or fantasies of the guests can come true on this island.
To achieve that fantasy, they just need to press a button on an elevator, and behind the elevator the guests’ fantasies come true.
Gradually the guests realized that this fantasy had become their nightmare, and now they had to solve the mystery in order to get out of the desert island.


4. Bad Boys for Life

The film, played by Will Smith, is about a detective who has a new problem. Meanwhile, his colleague Marcuss Burnet plans to retire because he feels he is no longer young.
Mike (Will Smith) does not accept his friend’s plans to retire, and tries various ways to get together again, completing his missions.
Seeing the hard desire of his work partner, Marcuss finally wanted to complete his last mission with Mike.
The two friends are very compact and full of ridiculousness in carrying out their mission. Will they both succeed in carrying out the mission ??, must be curious right, it’s better to just watch the film to see the continuation of the story.

Those are 4 recommendations for 2020 films that you must watch, it’s really exciting. Thank you, #stayathome.


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